A house rewire is a major job. Smart Electrical Solutions offer a premium rewire service from a trained, qualified electrician. Upon completion a certificate will be issued to the householder and Building Control will be notified who record the work done and submit a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

Does your house need rewiring?

If the wiring in your house is old or inadequate, a house rewire may be an urgent safety matter – modern houses place a much higher demand on the electrical system nowadays, so having antiquated wiring it could pose a significant risk to your household.

The first thing to check is the colour of the cables – if you find black coloured cables entering the consumer unit, this is a definite sign that the wiring needs checking. Modern electrical cables are either grey or white and are insulated with a PVC coating – the old black cables are insulated with rubber, which decays with age, causing potential danger.

Black, rubber coated wires can be up to 40 years old and, over the time, deterioration allows the conductor inside the cable to meet. This will manifest itself as a blown fuse initially, but every time you replace it, the fuse will simply blow again. The long-term solution is to replace the wiring.

Other things to look out for include:

Metal conduit running to the sockets or lights (see pic)

Round pin plugs (see pic)

An old or insufficient consumer unit (see below)