Landlord electrical certificates are an important part of ensuring the safety of tenants and being able to prove that you have taken reasonable steps to do so.  There are two types of electrical certificate, both can be obtained from a qualified Smart Electrical Solutions technician:

It is also advisable to instruct an electrician to carry out PAT testing on all portable electrical appliances once a year.  Portable electrical appliances are defined as any appliances that you supply with the property that can be plugged into the mains electricity (for example lamps, microwaves, portable electric heaters, TV etc.).  The purpose of the PAT is to ensure that all portal electrical items provided with the property are electrically safe.

A typical safety inspection by Smart Electrical Solution engineers will include the following checks to ensure that appliances are safe to use and all wiring meets the legal requirements:

On completion of the above safety checks the gas engineer will accurately record the findings on the Landlord/HomeownerSafety Record. This document is in 3 parts. One to be kept by the Landlord, one to be issued to the tenants and the third to be kept by the gas engineer.