Jenny’s story

Baroness Tonge lost her daughter Mary to a tragic electrocution in her kitchen.

Mary had given up a job in the city to look after her two young boys. One day she was emptying the dishwasher, and while hooking a soup ladle over a metal rack, she was electrocuted.

This was due to bad electrical work carried out in the kitchen, which sadly in this case, turned out to be fatal.

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Kate’s story

Thirza, a young mum, was tragically electrocuted in her bathroom after a fault in the electrics turned the bath ‘live’.

Thirza moved to Cornwall with her husband and two young children and started living in a rented house. Faulty wiring which had not been checked for over 30 years led to Thirza being tragically electrocuted in the bath.

Laura’s story

The tragic story of a young mother who was electrocuted in her garden.

Laura was in the garden cutting a hedge with a trimmer when it got caught up in the bushes. She decided to unplug the in-line plug and socket thinking this would cut off the power supply. Unfortunately this was not the case and the consequences proved fatal.

Watch the video to hear the full story.